Opening Hours
Lunch - 11am to 2pm
Dinner - 3pm to 10pm

Scoff Claudelands

694 Grey Street
Claudelands roundabout,
Phone: 07 853 3591

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.


  • How do I order.
    To order you can read our menus, select what you want and call us. We have a handy 'My Menu' feature which allows you to collate together an order onto one page, which you can then call us to place.
  • Can I order on-line?
    At this stage we are not set up for on-line ordering. But we are working on it
  • When are you open?
    We are open 4:30pm to 9:00pm everyday, to allow you to order our great range of takeaway meals.

Delivery Service

  • What areas does Scoff deliver to?
    We deliver to most areas of Hamilton, most of the time. If we're really busy we might not be able to deliver to areas that are too far away.
  • What is the delivery fee?
    We charge a flat fee of $9.50 per delivery on all our takeout delivery to homes, businesses and motels.
  • Is there a minimum amount for delivery?
    Our preferred minimum amount for delivery is $20 but we understand that a single person may order a single meal and we would be flexible if the amount fell slightly below this.
  • What is the wait time on a delivery?
    We will always give an estimate of wait time when the order is placed. We try to get deliveries to you at around half an hour but at busy times this cannot always be possible. We take orders for delivery from 4.30 to 9 pm daily.
  • How can we pay for our delivery?
    We accept cash, or Eftpos and credit cards ( not American Express sorry) through our mobile Eftpos machines. Our drivers carry minimal change, so let us know if we need to break a larger note for you. We do not accept cheques, except by prior arrangement.


  • Can I change the ingredients in a dish?
    Mostly, the answer is no, but depending on what you want, we might be able to sort it out
  • can I reheat my meal in its box?
    Scoff meals are all best eaten fresh and hot from our kitchen, but of course sometimes you may need to reheat it. Our boxes can withstand a short period in the microwave. the cellophane window does tend to shrink and curl if it gets too hot

Testimonials - honestly!!

We aim to give customers a fine dining experience at home. Both of our two Hamilton outlets receive compliments regularly, on this page we have listed a few comments by recent customers.

"We have been getting meals delivered over the last couple of years from Scoff @ Claudelands. We have tried most items on the menu even the kids meals for when family & friends visit, I can honestly say Always without exception we get Great food with Great service! What I like about it is that you donít feel like you are getting takeaways all the time, from Fish to Curry or an awesome homemade Burger we love the lot! It makes it so worthwhile with such reasonable prices! Well done Scoff!"
David W
"Awesome food, the kind of food one would expect to pay top dollar for in a restaurant but instead one gets to pay reasonable prices and eat with your feet up in front of the telly.
Highly recommended for those that appreciate good wholesome food and swift pleasant service."

Todd W
"Been eating at scoff for years. Not tried everything on the menu(canít stand couscous) but my favourites are always great. Have tried a couple of awesome specials. It was feeling a bit stretched a few years ago but the owners seem to have found some good staff and itís been consistently up to standard since. Great value and a great service. Bring back the Plum Pudding.."
James C
"Tried Scoff for the first time a few nights ago. Had just been to the gym so i needed some carbs Ė had a chorizo and olive risotto. Perfectly done rice, really tasty and felt healthier than my usual takeaways! My partner ordered double lamb shanks on mash. It was HUGE and defeated even him. He said it was the best mash heíd had for ages.
I canít believe this place has been here 3 years and I havenít noticed it before! Had a really great experience. Will be back after next work out. Very friendly guy behind the counter too."

Tracy G