About Our Food

At Scoff, our food is all handmade from the best local produce available. We prepare our meals in small batches, daily; ensuring high quality, freshness and consistency.
WE LOVE OUR FOOD! Naturally full of flavour, and pretty healthy.
We don't add anything you need a chemistry degree to decode, or take cheap short-cuts...

About Our Business

Scoff is unique to Hamilton. Locally born and bred, our business reflects the way our local food culture has evolved over the past two decades. We serve 'Takeout for Grown Ups' because we provide a genuine restaurant style cooked meal with total convenience, planet friendly packaging and smiling service.

We first opened for a brief, but infamous, stint in Palmerston St for a few covert months in 2002. But we really began 'cooking your dinner' from our Claudelands shop in 2003. Still going strong in it's retro groove, this is a convenient, popular store and the epicenter of our delivery service to motels.

Originally offering a bewildering menu (102 items in all what were we thinking!) we have gradually honed our menu into what we do best CLASSIC KIWI COMFORT FOOD..

Our Team

We are a close knit team of hospitality professionals with many decades of combined experience. Dean and Deb have created several Hamilton food businesses over the last 20 years, and have won national and local awards. Supported by long serving staff who are equally as proud of the Scoff Experience, we hope to continue to offer great food and service to our home town..